August 22, 2008

~Out of Commission~

Guys, sorry I have posted in so long. Things our way have been so busy. Most of you know about the water damage to our house....Matt & I have been working every available night to get it ready for yesterday & today - all of the new carpet is going in. Yahoo!!!!

So, my plan was to start moving the boxes back to the house today, however Taylor had a different plan. She is sick, so I am being a mommy today instead of a mover. And, that's ok- as long as she gets to feeling better soon!

In the past week, we have had a little fun though - we were able to go up to Lake Norman for little Emersyn's first birthday party!! We all had a blast there. And, last Sunday we went to Lenoir to visit Matt's uncle Lee (that's Ruby's brother) & helped celebrate his 65th birthday. That was great. We were able to see all of Ruby's family at once and we loved it!!! The kids had a ball playing - as they always do.

So, that is our story for now. I am going to do my mommy duty - I will post pictures of our newly painted house soon!

Have a great weekend!!!

Joy & Taylor