March 31, 2008

Jennifer O

Just wanted to let you know that my sister-in-law, Jennifer, is back in the hospital at MUSC (where her specialist are).

She went in last week with an "attack", but thankfully she only had to stay one night. She got sick again Saturday afternoon, so Kenley drove her back down. They admitted her again and they are doing another CT Scan on her today.

Severe pancreatitis is what she has. For those of you that don't know, we almost lost her 1 1/2 years ago from this disease. We are praying very hard that this isn't the beginning of another rocky road for her.

I will keep you all updated on her.

~Happy Monday~

Happy Monday Everyone. I am praying that this week will be much better than yesterday was for our family. :(

Yesterday was an emotional roller coaster- but, the 2 main emotions that we had were ANGER & SADNESS!! There is a dog in our neighborhood, Dakota, that is a royal pain in the 'you know what'. He has a record of attacking Amos. Amos was my grandfathers precious 2 1/2 yr old cocker spaniel. Such a sweet, loving dog. Well, once again, Dakota attacked Amos! When I say 'again', I mean at least 8 times within the last 3 months - yes, I say that with tremendous anger. Anyway, yesterday will definately be the last time that Amos will be attacked by that out of control dog. At 4:30, me, my grandmother, Anita & Katie took Amos to the Pet ER only to find out that he had massive head trauma and was blinded. We left Amos in ICU to be cared for, but my grandparents received a call from the doctor at 1:50am and Amos passed away. We are all so sad.

Needless to say, when I got home last night, the first thing I did was call the Sherriff's office. A report has now been filed and Animal Control is going out to the home this morning to notify them that we have filed a report and explain to them what their responsibilies as a pet owner are. And to let them know that we are going to be on the lookout - each and everytime that dog is out of their yard, we will be calling the police. I will not allow this dog to terrorize our family. Not only have I had to worry about our pets, I have also feared that he will turn on one of the kids. I will not allow that to happen.

So, today we are sad....sad for Amos, my grandfather, all of us. But, I want to tell you all how precious Katie (my 17 year old cousin) was. She is alot like me...very tender hearted and can cry at the first sign of sadness. Well, she & I layed with Amos in the floor and comforted him before we took him to the ER and she sat with him in the back of my car on the way there. Everytime that Amos cried, Katie would sing to him :). It would calm him everytime. It was so precious. We all cried, but we are glad that he is in no pain.

Emily (15) also was precious - she got called to my house in the midst of all the chaos, but she was sweet enough to sit with Cole, Taylor and Bailey while we took him to the hospital. We are a very lucky family to have such love and support.

The people at the ER probably thought that we were nuts! Our phones were constantly ringing while we were there. Everyone in our family was so upset that we had to keep everyone updated constantly on how he was doing. We are a very close family and yes, that includes our pets too.

Sorry for the long post and for the sad news.....

March 28, 2008


Ok, for all of those who know me really well - you know how EXCITED I am about this weather!!!!!!!! I want to go to the beach soooooo badly!!!! There is a possibility that Matt's company will send him to West Palm Beach at the end of April and if they do, I am going to try to arrange to go with him. Just the possibility makes me excited!!!

And, today, I'm sitting in my office working (and peering out the window, of course!) duty at 1:00- I may just have to go home and sit outside and work - or at least act like I'm working!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! I have to work a good bit, but that's ok - I need the business!!


March 25, 2008

Taylors Words

Ok - just had a thought of what I need to let you all know. It's about Taylor. All of you know that she just turned 2, but of course, she thinks she's 12!!! She is also talking up a storm. I love it. Cole not so much!!!
We were in the car this morning going to preschool. Cole is trying his best to tell me about the "purple trees" on the side of 21 that he swears are "grape trees". The whole time he is telling me, Taylor is fussing. She is yelling at Cole saying "no bubby" (her pet name for Cole). I finally tell her to stop being mean, so proceeds to tell me "bubby talking...I not like!" Well, well little missy. Apparently she had woke up on the wrong side of the crib this morning!!
Other words or phrases that I hear quite often:
popsicle - I hear this word approximately 72 times a day. Bi-Lo loves us!
meaner - this is how she tells me that her Daddy punished her. She comes to me with her bottom lip out to Texas and tells me that "daddy is meaner".

my wost my cup - she can not keep up with a sippy cup to save her, she always asks me - she will say "oh man....i wost it".

And, of potty, my potty - yes, I am thankful that she is potty training herself, but each time I hear this, I have to go hunt for the hidden diaper and then look in the bathroom floor to make sure that her hiney actually made it onto the potty. Whew! All of that is quite the task with little miss independent!
***The best is "my not like it", which is typically said very LOUDLY!!!
And, here you have it! A day in the life of Taylor! :)

My Easter Cuties

Ok, here are my little Easter cuties. Thankfully, they liked each other enough on Sunday to actually sit in the same chair together!
And, not sure how it happened, but Taylor actually kept her clothes on all day! I know, I know...most of you can hardly believe it, but it's true!!! Now, the shoes are a totally different story though.
Matt & I had 2 new additions to the family over the last few days. Matt's cousin Doug who lives NC (Ruby's side of the family) had a baby on Sunday the 23rd - his name is Ross Tanner. He is Doug and Robin's first baby. And, my cousin Crandall had her 3rd child yesterday. She has 2 girls and finally got a boy yesterday. His name is Eric Oscar III and they will call him Oscar. He is a cutie! I haven't seen Ross yet, but I'm sure he is equally as handsome. I know I'm biased, but I think that our family produces beautiful babies :)!!!!!
Thankfully, that is the amount of our family excitement (for the time being). Matt is off at his men's group and Cole & Taylor are watching Dora - or of those little people. So, I had to sneak off to accomplish this one little blog - which is actually becoming quite fun!

March 24, 2008

My First Blog!

Well, I finally got the blog bug. Have never really understood what the big deal was until this morning. I realized just how much I enjoy looking at other blogs - and, for our family members who are out of town or the ones that I don't get to talk to almost daily, this is a good way to keep up with our craziness!

So, to start off right, I guess I should give a quick summary of what is going on in our lives: (hmmm....not sure just where to start)

Well, Taylor just turned 2 last week. She is a typical 2 year old - she likes to take her clothes off (I pray that she will not become a stripper!!), she likes shoes - she especially likes to trade shoes with her friend Audrey in Sunday School. At least Jennifer & I know who to return shoes to! She loves popcicles and it is apparently a law that she must eat at least 6 a day! She got a Barbie Jeep for her birthday, so we have enjoyed watching Cole drive her around :) It's "Driving Ms. Tay Tay". It's especially alarming when I find out that while I'm working, Cole is trying to run over Bailey with the jeep - great! Hit and Run for Toddlers.

Cole turned 4 in January. That's right...I have no babies left in the house. He is 200% BOY! He truly believes that he is the pirate Captain Jack Sparrow and he reminds us of this daily when he stabs us with his sword (repeatedly). He is very sweet natured, but he still has a little temper...especially when it has anything to do with going to bed. Taylor needs her beauty rest and Cole is a night owl (they are just like their parents!!)

My birthday was yesterday, so I'm officially a "30 something" and Matt's birthday is today! We love celebrating our birthdays together - but, I think the kids love it more!

Matt & I feel extremely blessed in our lives. We have had an interesting last 9 months, but God has been working on our lives so greatly. We are appreciative of that and can't wait to see what's in store for us!