June 28, 2009

We're Here!!!

Well, we finally made it. We are now Florida residents....well, I guess we will be once we get our new drivers licenses ~ I need a new picture anyway!!

Everyone has been asking for pictures, so here you go!

This is one of my favorites so far!!!! It is now my desktop picture:)

We went down to Treasure Island~ this is at a park on the beach. We took a picnic lunch and had a great time! Taylor, of course found a ton of flowers!!

Cole is just as cute as ever!!

This is the view of the pier from our screened in porch! It's fantastic!!!

I forgot about this one that I took.....I absolutely love it!!!

I will write more very soon! We are getting ready to go out...gotta get Cole a fishing pole, going to see the Skyway Bridge and then to the beach!!! Have a great Sunday everyone!