August 24, 2010

~~~ The First Day of School....Again~~~

Well, todays 1st day of school was a little crazy. Not only did we get rain, but we had heavy rains and heavy winds!!! The pictures will show you just what I mean :)

I can't believe how quickly these kids are growing!!!

Such a big girl!
My handsome little man
And, here is a glimpse of our walk into school
more rain.....
Ms. Young talking to Taylor about her first day of school
Cole had to make sure the rain didn't mess up his mohawk ;)

Cole had lots to tell Ms. Young!
Cole & Tyler....picked up right where they left off last year.

Now, it's Taylors turn!

She didn't even care that we were leaving...I love her independence!

We had a challenging morning, but after Matt & I got the kids dropped off, went back home to change into dry clothes, we too started our days....and, it was a great one for all of us!!

August 23, 2010

~~Our Wonderful Summer: All In One Post~~

I first want to start by saying sorry for the lack of posts this summer. But, like everyone, we have been EXTREMELY busy!!! Since June 4th, we have had company on back to back visits. So, between spending quality time with the family/visitors, work, summer camps, trips to the beach, Weeki Wachee, Rays games, etc, etc, this momma has not had time to blog.

So, I will leave this post with little words and will let the pictures do the talking!

Needless to say, this has been one AWESOME summer!!!! I spent a good bit of time "reflecting" on life this summer. I have had to work on minimizing some negative aspects of my life so that I can focus on the good and only the good. And, it's working!!!

This momma is so proud of Cole who will be starting 1st grade in the morning and Taylor who will be starting Pre-K!!! But, I do wish summer could last a little longer!!!