November 22, 2008

Want To Save Money???!!!

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With the financial strain that we are facing as well as many of you~ I have really been trying to save money any way that I possibly can. Cutting coupons, getting name it. So, I wanted to share my favorite with you. And, go visit now!!!! And enter to win a $50 Wal-Mart gift card.......
Good Luck!!!!

November 19, 2008

~~~The 'R' Word~~~

Yes, I AM about the say the much dreaded 'R' word~ Recession. Well, we are all feeling it in one way or another. For me, it started last July...not this passed July, noooo- almost 1.5 years ago. I warned everyone that it was coming. (So, if you didn't listen to me, you can now hear me say "I told you so!" JK). But, really~ July of 2007 is when the real estate market tanked...badly. And, it is only worse now. So, my family has been feeling the upset of the economy for a while. I thank God each and every day that Matt still has his job, but Fidelity just finished a layoff of 1300 people and is getting ready to layoff another 1700- so, I can't say that it can't happen to us.

For others, you are just getting a taste of it. Ok, my point. I just found out this evening that my younger brother who currently works at USC on campus in the marketing department, is losing his job. He is losing his job along with many others at USC. Many families are going through this same "crisis" right now. He lives alone and has no one else to help pay his mortgage, bills,, to say he is scared right now is really putting it lightly.

My prayer for tonight (and for as long as it takes), is that people will find good in all of this. Will it be hard? YES!!! Will it be scary? YES!!! But, God has a plan and God knows us and what we are all going through. I pray that none of us take our eyes off of HIM during this time and that we can still thank HIM each and everyday for the wonderfulness (I know it's not really a word) that He has given us and continues to give us!! Our sacrifices are still NOTHING compared to His.

May you all find peace in the Lord during this scary time and I hope that we can all lean on one another....that will get us through!!!! Remember~ the Lord will never give you more than you can handle. So, to all of my family & friends...remember that, because I may need you to remind me some days!

Love you to all!

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