June 2, 2010

My Big Boy has graduated Kindergarten!!!

Well, he has done it again! My sweet, handsome, loving, kissable, wonderful baby...I mean big boy has done it again!!!!!!! This little boy has managed to make my heart grow ten times bigger than it was before. Cole has grown into such a wonderful young man and we could not possibly be any more proud of him!!!

On the way to school this morning, I told Cole how very proud I was of him. His response?? "I'm proud of you too Mommy". He just melts my heart!!!

Cole led his class out to the PE court today for their celebration. Yes, in 95 degree weather, they sang 6 beautiful little songs. Hot? OH YEAH!!! But, it was worth every sweat drop.

He got a Congratulations on your Graduation card....or, Congraduation as Cole calls it!!! :)
It was a musical card, of course! My kids love to dance, they love these cards.
And, he was so happy to get a gift card....an Iron Man gift card to be exact. Apparently, those are more fun to spend than the regular gift cards ;)
Cole with the most wonderful Kindergarten teacher. Ms. Young is absolutely wonderful! Cole loves to grab her around the neck and squeeze her!

And, this is a class picture~ we are so pleased that this will also be his class for next year as Ms. Young has been offered a 1st grade position and she gets to keep the same class! We are so excited!!!

So, my heart is a little heavy today, but very happy and VERY proud!!!! My little boy who was born 4 weeks early and was so tiny is now such a handsome young man. It seems like it was yesterday that I was bringing him home from the hospital. I'm so proud. Being away from "home" is bitter sweet for me right now. But, I'm so glad that I have a way to share these moments with you all!

And, little Miss Taylor will be finishing pre-school on Friday. They will both attend summer camp and then she will begin Pre-K program in August. So, my girl is growing up too!!! So, expect her pics to be posted soon!

Until next time.....love from The Jarretts!


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