May 5, 2008

~Springfest Brings New Family :) ~

Well, we all went out to Springfest on Saturday. We had a great time~ especially Cole. We ran into one of my good friends and her little girl, Xan. Well, Xan & Cole are the same age and go to sunday school together~ so, they were super excited to see each other. Nikki & I look up and Cole & Xan are walking together and holding hands!!!!!! TOO CUTE!!!! So, Nik and I figure that we can just go ahead and arrange their marriage for the year 2033~ that way we will know that we will like our 'new' families!!!!

Are they cute or what????!!!!!

1 comment:

Nikki said...

I know I am partial, but they are just too dang cute toegther!!! Both of their tempers might not be a good thing under one roof though!! Love ya girl!