October 1, 2008

~Just Gotta Love Having a Little Boy!!!~

Well, all of you will get a good laugh at this one!! True story of why little boys are so GREAT!!!!

Monday night, Matt, Cole & Taylor all wanted to go downstairs to play the Wii, so I thought it would be a great time to do another load of laundry. So, down I go. I take my happy self into the laundry room, open up the washing machine, stick my hand in and I see SOMETHING! I had no idea what it was....all I knew was that it was a worm/snake/ creepy crawly of some kind. I totally FREAKED OUT!!! I totally had a hissy fit right there. Matt came running and I "tried" to explain to him what I saw. He (being the manly man that he is) walks over and is going to save me from the critter. He looks in the washing machine, yells and jumps back. At this point, I'm really about to lose it!!! He sticks his hand in the washing machine and pulled out the biggest plastic fishing worm I have ever seen in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cole had put it in his pants pocket and it got washed.

Ok, so at this point, Cole realizes what is going on and is rolling in the floor laughing at me hysterically (not to mention how hard his dad was laughing)!!!

I am still trying to recover from almost having a heart attack & they just kept on laughing. So, now....2 days later, I am recovered and can giggle about it a little, but I can not laugh yet!!!

So, there you have it. I am now well broken in as a mommy with a little boy!!!!

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