December 18, 2008

~I'm Back!!!!~

Well, a very dear friend of mine reminded me that I have a blog that could use an update. So, you can really thank her for this!!! Thank you Joy!!!

No, seriously~ I had every intention of updating after Thanksgiving, but December has been pretty rough on me. Want to know why? Of course you do!!! Here is my list (and this is all true....makes me sound like I'm from a soap opera, doesn't it???) ~

  • 2 kids that I don't think will EVER stop coughing!!!! I guess Cole may, but not Taylor.
  • Taylor got pink eye
  • Taylor got an upper respiratory infection
  • Joy got a sinus infection
  • Joy got pink eye
  • Joy fell down a flight of steps~ yes, I know! Go ahead and's ok now. But, at the time I felt like I was 80! I thought I broke my hip and my wrist. Wouldn't have surprised me if I would have....just my kinda luck! But, after I got my breath back, I realized that I was very bruised up, but all in all, ok. So, I hurt for about 5 days & then felt much better. I've really learned to respect the steps. Ok, ok.....that's enough laughing!!!
  • Joy got THE STOMACH BUG~ yes, 'that one'! It was pretty horrible.
  • Then, on Sunday morning, my grandmother fell down and broke her back :(

So, as you can see, things have been a little out of control. All I can say now is ~ IS IT CHRISTMAS YET??????

I have had a tough go of it and really haven't felt much in the Christmas spirit, but I know that I have so much to be thankful for and can't wait to watch both kids enjoy the fun of Christmas. They are both now at the age to where it is magical for them..... I LOVE THAT!!!!

So, to all of you who too are having a tough go of it.....let it all go & relax. Enjoy the special feeling of it all, enjoy the kids, enjoy the family and reflect on how blessed we are. The "reason for the season".....God is good!!!


Nikki said...

I have missed you so much on here....glad you're back!

AMANDA said...

I have done the stair thing- NO FUN!! I felt like I had been in a wreck. I hope things settle down. Sounds like you need a "silent night".