March 17, 2010


You are 100%, there is absolutely no excuse for why I have not been keeping up with my post. So, I sincerely apologize and will now move on ;). Before I start posting "event" pictures, I am going to fill you in on what has been going on in our lives...crazy as it is!!!

  • Sick, sick and more sick!!! Well, over the past month, all 4 of us have dealt with colds. Two (Tay & I) ended up with sinus infections. Taylor now has to go see an ENT doc because we absolutely can't keep hers cleared up. Apparent "chronic sinusitis" due to allergies. FUN! And, Cole also got the dreaded stomach bug. Praise the Lord that none of the rest of us caught that!!!
  • The Daddy -Daughter Dance. It was just wonderful!!!! Pics to follow.
  • We found a house!!!!! So far, the closing preparations are going smoothly. As of right now, the closing should be around April 12th. We are hoping for sooner, but we will take what we can get!!!
  • My baby girl turned 4!!!!! We took a surprise trip to SeaWorld. WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL time!!!! Pics to follow.
Ok, so, now, I will proceed to the next posts.....Daddy-Daughter Dance & SeaWorld!!!!

Until next time~ and, I promise next time won't be next year!!!! ;)

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