January 15, 2010

~~ Special Night Coming~~

I am so excited! Taylor goes to preschool at our local rec center, which is AWESOME! Well, I just got an "invitation" for her first "Daddy/ Daughter Dance". It's for princes and their princesses. So, Matt is so EXCITED!!! It will be next month on a Saturday night. I am going to have so much fun getting her all dressed up and doing her hair. I am going to call the florist right down the street and order a "child size" corsage for Matt to give her too.

And, since they will be gone for a few hours, Cole & I decided that we will be going out on a date also. Cole says that he is taking me for ice cream!!

As you can tell....I LOVE these kind of things!!! I just had to share my excitement with you....I will have plenty more posts before that special night, but you know when the time comes, you will get to see many, many pics!

Love & Blessings to all~

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Nikki said...

precious!!! can't wait to hear all about it.