March 24, 2008

My First Blog!

Well, I finally got the blog bug. Have never really understood what the big deal was until this morning. I realized just how much I enjoy looking at other blogs - and, for our family members who are out of town or the ones that I don't get to talk to almost daily, this is a good way to keep up with our craziness!

So, to start off right, I guess I should give a quick summary of what is going on in our lives: (hmmm....not sure just where to start)

Well, Taylor just turned 2 last week. She is a typical 2 year old - she likes to take her clothes off (I pray that she will not become a stripper!!), she likes shoes - she especially likes to trade shoes with her friend Audrey in Sunday School. At least Jennifer & I know who to return shoes to! She loves popcicles and it is apparently a law that she must eat at least 6 a day! She got a Barbie Jeep for her birthday, so we have enjoyed watching Cole drive her around :) It's "Driving Ms. Tay Tay". It's especially alarming when I find out that while I'm working, Cole is trying to run over Bailey with the jeep - great! Hit and Run for Toddlers.

Cole turned 4 in January. That's right...I have no babies left in the house. He is 200% BOY! He truly believes that he is the pirate Captain Jack Sparrow and he reminds us of this daily when he stabs us with his sword (repeatedly). He is very sweet natured, but he still has a little temper...especially when it has anything to do with going to bed. Taylor needs her beauty rest and Cole is a night owl (they are just like their parents!!)

My birthday was yesterday, so I'm officially a "30 something" and Matt's birthday is today! We love celebrating our birthdays together - but, I think the kids love it more!

Matt & I feel extremely blessed in our lives. We have had an interesting last 9 months, but God has been working on our lives so greatly. We are appreciative of that and can't wait to see what's in store for us!

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