March 25, 2008

Taylors Words

Ok - just had a thought of what I need to let you all know. It's about Taylor. All of you know that she just turned 2, but of course, she thinks she's 12!!! She is also talking up a storm. I love it. Cole not so much!!!
We were in the car this morning going to preschool. Cole is trying his best to tell me about the "purple trees" on the side of 21 that he swears are "grape trees". The whole time he is telling me, Taylor is fussing. She is yelling at Cole saying "no bubby" (her pet name for Cole). I finally tell her to stop being mean, so proceeds to tell me "bubby talking...I not like!" Well, well little missy. Apparently she had woke up on the wrong side of the crib this morning!!
Other words or phrases that I hear quite often:
popsicle - I hear this word approximately 72 times a day. Bi-Lo loves us!
meaner - this is how she tells me that her Daddy punished her. She comes to me with her bottom lip out to Texas and tells me that "daddy is meaner".

my wost my cup - she can not keep up with a sippy cup to save her, she always asks me - she will say "oh man....i wost it".

And, of potty, my potty - yes, I am thankful that she is potty training herself, but each time I hear this, I have to go hunt for the hidden diaper and then look in the bathroom floor to make sure that her hiney actually made it onto the potty. Whew! All of that is quite the task with little miss independent!
***The best is "my not like it", which is typically said very LOUDLY!!!
And, here you have it! A day in the life of Taylor! :)


Nikki said...

You did it....yeah for you inserting those precious pics on your post, YIPPEE!! I added this to my favorites. Take care girl!

AMANDA said...

Welcome to blog world! I found you through Nikki and as I was scrolling down, Ella said "that's Taylor!, I like Taylor."