March 25, 2008

My Easter Cuties

Ok, here are my little Easter cuties. Thankfully, they liked each other enough on Sunday to actually sit in the same chair together!
And, not sure how it happened, but Taylor actually kept her clothes on all day! I know, I know...most of you can hardly believe it, but it's true!!! Now, the shoes are a totally different story though.
Matt & I had 2 new additions to the family over the last few days. Matt's cousin Doug who lives NC (Ruby's side of the family) had a baby on Sunday the 23rd - his name is Ross Tanner. He is Doug and Robin's first baby. And, my cousin Crandall had her 3rd child yesterday. She has 2 girls and finally got a boy yesterday. His name is Eric Oscar III and they will call him Oscar. He is a cutie! I haven't seen Ross yet, but I'm sure he is equally as handsome. I know I'm biased, but I think that our family produces beautiful babies :)!!!!!
Thankfully, that is the amount of our family excitement (for the time being). Matt is off at his men's group and Cole & Taylor are watching Dora - or of those little people. So, I had to sneak off to accomplish this one little blog - which is actually becoming quite fun!

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