March 31, 2008

~Happy Monday~

Happy Monday Everyone. I am praying that this week will be much better than yesterday was for our family. :(

Yesterday was an emotional roller coaster- but, the 2 main emotions that we had were ANGER & SADNESS!! There is a dog in our neighborhood, Dakota, that is a royal pain in the 'you know what'. He has a record of attacking Amos. Amos was my grandfathers precious 2 1/2 yr old cocker spaniel. Such a sweet, loving dog. Well, once again, Dakota attacked Amos! When I say 'again', I mean at least 8 times within the last 3 months - yes, I say that with tremendous anger. Anyway, yesterday will definately be the last time that Amos will be attacked by that out of control dog. At 4:30, me, my grandmother, Anita & Katie took Amos to the Pet ER only to find out that he had massive head trauma and was blinded. We left Amos in ICU to be cared for, but my grandparents received a call from the doctor at 1:50am and Amos passed away. We are all so sad.

Needless to say, when I got home last night, the first thing I did was call the Sherriff's office. A report has now been filed and Animal Control is going out to the home this morning to notify them that we have filed a report and explain to them what their responsibilies as a pet owner are. And to let them know that we are going to be on the lookout - each and everytime that dog is out of their yard, we will be calling the police. I will not allow this dog to terrorize our family. Not only have I had to worry about our pets, I have also feared that he will turn on one of the kids. I will not allow that to happen.

So, today we are sad....sad for Amos, my grandfather, all of us. But, I want to tell you all how precious Katie (my 17 year old cousin) was. She is alot like me...very tender hearted and can cry at the first sign of sadness. Well, she & I layed with Amos in the floor and comforted him before we took him to the ER and she sat with him in the back of my car on the way there. Everytime that Amos cried, Katie would sing to him :). It would calm him everytime. It was so precious. We all cried, but we are glad that he is in no pain.

Emily (15) also was precious - she got called to my house in the midst of all the chaos, but she was sweet enough to sit with Cole, Taylor and Bailey while we took him to the hospital. We are a very lucky family to have such love and support.

The people at the ER probably thought that we were nuts! Our phones were constantly ringing while we were there. Everyone in our family was so upset that we had to keep everyone updated constantly on how he was doing. We are a very close family and yes, that includes our pets too.

Sorry for the long post and for the sad news.....

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