December 9, 2009

~~ Deals, Deals & More Deals~~

Ok, I promised to share some of my deals with you, so HERE GOES!!!! Woooohooooo!

1- Earth Fare: FREE POINSETTIA!!
All you need to do is...purchase something gum,bagel whatever and get a free Poinsetta

this information comes from my dear friend, Travise~ AKA "Coupon Mama" If you are in the Ft. Mill, Rock Hill, York area, check out her schedule

2- K-Mart has Playskool toys on sale ~ buy 2, get 1 free. That's a good deal by itself, but if you go to Coupon Mama's website, gather the coupons, you will get them even cheaper. Now, don't forget to print 3 coupons~ not 2!! Just because you are getting 1 free doesn't mean that you can't use the 3rd coupon.....3 items = 3 coupons!!!



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Joy said...

Hey There!! I love your blog updates ... adding the signature was a fun little thing to do. When you have a few minutes to play around with it, check out
Happy December Days!!!
~ Joy :)