January 10, 2010

~~~Circus FUNUNDRUM!! Cole's Birthday Part 2~~~

The 2nd part of Cole's birthday was a trip the the CIRCUS! And, we had such a good time!!! We are blessed that my cousin, Ronnie, works for Ringling Brothers, so he got us awesome tickets for the 2nd year in a row. We were on the 12th row~ perfect seats!

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Memories getting ready to begin......

My little man waiting to enter the arena

Cole wearing his circus hat~ fits perfectly!

Cole watching "Kelley Ann" paint a picture

Mommy & Cole

Cole & Taylor acting goofy

Cole, Taylor & Kelley Ann

Kelley Ann ~ Taylors favorite!

Taylor was so precious waving good-bye to Kelley Ann

Mommy having some fun too! Like always ;)

Our good friends, The Posti Family~ Scott, Amy, Reagan & Riley

I LOVE this picture!!! The look on Reagan's face is priceless...they were so excited!!!

Taylor and her circus hat~ too cute!!

Mommy & Taylor

Daddy with his snuggle bug. She just couldn't make it to the end. She tried so hard though!

We made such great memories!!!

Cole, Reagan & Matt

We had a truly AWESOME time!!! We made such awesome memories. I'm so glad that our friends were able to go with us. We had so many good laughs and us adults loved watching the looks on the kids faces...there were so many priceless moments.

For those of you who know Taylor, you know she is ALOT like me...if she thinks it, she says it. So, here are a few of the fun things that she said during the show. So cute~

~ At one point during the show (not sure the exact point), Taylor looked at me with her eyes as big as quarters and said "What in the name of Mike was that???" Of course, she got that from Polar Express. It was hilarious!!!

~ When all of the elephants came out, she said "Oh, mommy look~ it's Kelley Ann and all of her family. They are just so precious!"

~ There was a tightrope walker that had to try twice to climb up and incline. Well, when he finally made it, she said "Oh, I just knew he could do it. I am just so proud of him".

As always, I am so happy that I have this family to enjoy life with. I'm so proud to be their mommy!


The Posti Family said...

Oh, and don't forget Rea's little saying ... "Ms Joy, does Taylor have those little animals that live in her hair?" She was so concerned about Taylor wearing her crown!

Joy said...

What fun!! It's so good to be able to keep up with y'all ~~ you have a precious family!