January 6, 2010


Ivan Mog's is offering a

free sample of their Gourmet Apples! 

The apples are made with homemade kettle carmel, all-natural ingredients with no preservatives. The apples are jumbo firm & slightly tart granny smith apples
with lots of yummy toppings to choose from!

Check out your topping options:

Classic Peanut
Chopped Almond
Double Dunked
Apple Pie
Walnut Cranberry
                                                                     M & M Candy
                                                                     Butter Pecan
                                                             Pistachio Turtle Dark
                                                                 Sprinkle Garnish
                                                                  Sprinkle Cocoa
                                                                   Dark Sea Salt
Thanks to my good friend Joy for this great post!!

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