January 4, 2010

Cole's 6th Birthday~ Part 1

Well, it is official!! My "baby" is now 6 years old!! I can't believe it. I had a tough day delivering him as many of you know...he was born a month early & I was very sick. So, delivery day wasn't easy, but he was born with no problems!! Little, but no problems. Matt & I are so blessed. He is such a wonderful little boy. He is just precious! He has a wonderful personality, he is sweet, affectionate and so loving!

On Saturday, we all went to the "Great Expectations" Childrens Museum. Our good friends were able to go with us, so Cole & Taylor has so much fun.

He was so excited to get his Wii Nerf game~ his daddy was too!

Learning about the pulley system

Taylor smiling as usual

My little fireman

Riley, Taylor, Reagan & Cole doing the news report

Cole & his Daddy building robots

Daddy & Taylor

He loved his ice cream cake

Taylor, Reagan & Cole on New Years Eve

Yeah, yeah, yeah~ I know!!!

In this picture, she's actually climbing up the pole instead of going down.
I know~~ I'm just praying she doesn't grow up to be a pole dancer ;)

Amy (Reagan & Riley's mom) had the kids making all kinds
of funny faces...it was hilarious! Too cute not to share!

Cole & Taylor milking a cow~ and yes, it was weird,
but liquid really did come out.

This picture is fuzzy, but I had to share. They had a "kids dance time" so Cole & Reagan went right up on stage and started dancing. Too Cute!!!

Cole & Reagan after cake time!

Look at that smile~ he was so happy!

~I love my boy~

And, Taylor finally did it~ she cut her own hair. Everyone told me that it would happen,
but, I was still hoping. At least she didn't cut it TOO short.
 Her hair was all one length....apparently she heard that "side bangs" are in!
Hopefully we will never have a repeat episode....I threatened her, so hopefully it won't!
I told her that if she did it again, then I would cut it short like Cole's!!!
I know~ bad mommy!!

Hopefully, there will be a "Cole's Birthday~ Part 2" soon. We are planning on going to the circus on Wednesday night!!

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