June 19, 2008

.......And, Still Waiting!!!

Well, the doctors have gotten some of the pathology reports back, but not them all.........so, we continue to wait.

They do feel certain at this point that whatever the final diagnosis will be, that it is some type of immune deficiency disorder. So, for now, we continue to wait for all of the test results and continue to pray.

Emily is still doing great. And, there is a possibility that she may get to come home tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are hoping that she will do so without the IV's!!!!

Here are a few pictures that I have taken during her stay. I am sharing the good pictures with you as we are all only focusing on the positive now!!!

Emily after her first "real" shower. It really wore her out, but she was so happy!!!!

This is a picture of Emily's 1st trip out of the hospital room in a week!!!! She was so excited- it took all of us to accomplish this since she still has so many IV's, ports, etc. But, we had a great outing. We went up to the top of the hospital to the rooftop garden.
This was the first time that Emily had really seen where she was. She had no idea how beautiful and decorated the Levines hospital is.

This is Bailey, Cole & Taylor saying a very special prayer for Emily- this was on either Sunday or Monday night.

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