June 16, 2008


Well, today is a very important day for Emily. This morning at 9:00, she will go in for an endoscopy & colonoscopy. From this test, we will know for absolute sure what is going on with her. For now, the doctors have some ideas of what is going on, but todays test will give us more answers. We are all just praying right now, that this test shows that the doctors ideas are wrong and that it is really nothing at all!!!
For a quick update for those who don't know what's gone on over the past 2 weeks:
She began experiencing severe stomach pain and vomiting. After waiting a week, seeing 3 doctors at 2 hospitals and 2 urgent care visits, we finally saw Dr. Hilton - she admitted her into the hospital and more tests were run. At that time, they found acute appendicitis and a small ovarian cyst. She did go into surgery - had her appendix removed and cyst drained. She did well after the surgery, went home and for about 4 days she was great. Then, all of a sudden, the vomiting started again! So, she went back to the surgeon last Monday and was immediately admitted back into the hospital. The doctors at Piedmont realized that her condition was not something that they were not equipped to treat, so last Wednesday, she was tranferred to Levine's Childrens Hospital. This has been a huge blessing. So, she has had many tests run, she has many IV's and she has now had to start receiving nutrients by IV (which has been GREAT!!!). She is finally feeling a little better and is not so lethargic. We are hoping too that this will help her put a little weight back on. She has lost a significant amount at this point.
So, that's a brief update. If I have left anything out and you have questions, let me know.
Also, for those of you reading this that are Anita's friends, etc (those who don't know me directly).....please don't hesitate e-mailing me if you need additional info, etc. I know it isn't easy getting in touch with Anita at the hospital sometimes. So, don't hesitate e-mailing me directly at joy@joyjarrett.com. Or, if you need me sooner, call my cell phone at 803-493-1154. I don't mind answering questions, passing along messages, etc.
Please say a specific prayer for Emily this morning that her tests go well and that we get difinitive results so that we know how to move forward to care for her best!!!!

Thank you all!!!!

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Nikki said...

Thank you for the update. That pic of her is gorgeous!! Keep us posted, we all are praying. I also thought of you and said many prayers for you specifically with yesterday being Father's Day. I know you miss him. Love ya girl!