June 19, 2008

Emily is HOME!!!!!

Well, we received a huge blessing today and found out late this afternoon that Emily was coming home. She got home around 6:00 & without any IV's. She is so excited.

Of course, she has a lot of doctors appointments coming up (especially since they still don't have a definitive diagnosis), but she's just so thankful to be home!!!

She has to have stitches taken out at the end of next week (where they did a biopsy on her foot), follow-up appointments and new appointments to be made. But, God has been so good and we know that all of the doctors will take awesome care of her now and we feel certain that she will not get into this condition again.

To all of her friends- she is now back on the computer & myspace & facebook (yes, I can hear the cheering from here), so send her a message and welcome her home!!!!

Please continue to pray that she will not relapse, that the doctors will soon get a specific diagnosis and that the new doctors to come will be as good as the ones at Levines!!!

Again, from the family- we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the calls, prayers, e-mails, etc. You are very special to us all!


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