April 8, 2008

~~Good Mommy, Bad Mommy~~

Well, we all know that the good mommy, bad mommy changes from second to second!!! This morning, I set the record of all records!!

For some reason, Taylor was so mad at me this morning and I actually didn't do anything to deserve it...she apparently just woke up on the wrong side of the crib. She not only didn't want to get dressed (which is very unusual for her), she also didn't want to dress herself (even more unusual). She simply told me (or yelled it actually) to "weave me awone"!!!!! Well, I thought "I'll show your little rear end whose gonna weave who awone". So, I pulled her over and dressed her...the entire time she continued telling me to "weave me awone".

Then, it was time to dress Cole - he actually woke up extremely happy, but he didn't want to get dressed either!!! He went from happy to crying and telling me "I'm mad at you and I don't like you". Well, I thought....so, I gave him a spank on the hiney and told him to be nice. "He then started crying and told me "You broke my bones and my heart"!! (yes, that did break my heart, but he knows that it does- that's why he says it:))

So, I quickly reminded them both that either they could be nice or we wouldn't go to Columbia this weekend to the Edventure Childrens Museum. WELL, you would have thought that the nice fairy came and bit them on the booties! They not only starting hugging me and telling me how sorry they were, but they started hugging each other too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was sooooo funny!!!! So, now I have something to use all week to make them behave:)

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Nikki said...

Too freakin' funny!!! I am so glad I have someone else to pass the Mother of the Year septar to. lol!