April 15, 2008

I'm IT~ My Turn Now!!

I have been tagged by by good friend Nikki http://hill-billies.blogspot.com/ (or Tic-Tac depending on who you talk to) to post 7 random things about myself. So, I hope I don't bore you too much!!!

1. I love clouds - I always look at them and see what animal or face I can see :) A thing me and my daddy used to do!

2. I don't like toes, so beware if you put them on me!!! And, unless you are Matt giving me a foot massage, please don't touch my toes (or piggies as they are known as in my house:)! Yes, that means that I do NOT get pedicures; I will do my own painting thank you!

3. I like ladybugs, but every other kind of creepy crawly freaks me out! Even little lizards..actually, especially little lizards. And, yes - I will scream.

4. I was not such a good girl in High School....I know, I know- that is a complete shock to you all (hehehehe), but I was very much a rebel. If I was told not to do something, then more than likely I was already trying to figure out a way to do it anyway! My mom likes to say that I was "just very independent & adventurous". This, of course, is no surprise to Nikki because she was probably with me when I was getting into trouble!!! So, yes.... I know payback will be he**. That's what God made Taylor & Xan for!

5. I love Kenny Chesney - he is definately my pretend boyfriend....don't worry - Matt knows all about it!!!

6. I am addicted to the internet. Never thought that I would be, but I definately am. A day without e-mail would be complete anxiety for me!

7. I love to drink vinegar when I have the hiccups. Yes, it works! I know- you want to try it now, don't you??!! And, I like pickle juice too - but, not for the hiccups, just anytime!

And, by the way Nik- I love fried pickles too! And, hate bottled ranch! So, I guess you & I need to plan a date to the Wing King!!!!


Nikki said...

Somethings we never forget that we used to do with our daddies. I know how you loved yours to pieces!! And yes, I will so take you up on a trip to Wing King, there fried pickles are the BEST in the universe!

AMANDA said...

Tag! You are it! Come to my blog to see what to do!