April 14, 2008

Our Weekend "Edventure"

Here we are leaving for Columbia. It was pouring down rain, but we didn't care. As you can see, we were all smiles!!! :)

The gang beside big Eddie - this was my first time at Edventure....needless to say, I was pretty impressed!!!

Here is Captain Taylor driving the S.S. Shrimpy - make sure you look behind Taylor....that is her first mate making his grand entrance through the window!

Here is proof that Taylor's terrible two's have hit. This is her second meltdown of the day!

View of Eddie from the second floor.

Ok........just wanted to make sure you all knew that the temper tantrum did end and Taylor did have a good time!!

Her belly laugh is adorable!!!

Here is Cole in the Edventure Piggly Wiggly learning about working. He was a pro!!!

This was no doubt Cole's favorite thing of the day!!!!!!!!!

Well, after Edventure, lunch at the mall, riding the carosel, swimming at the hotel pool and dinner, I had to put them to bed :) As you can see, they were still having fun!!!!

Even though this was just an overnight trip, we all had a great time!!!! Edventure is well worth the visit. We were there about 3 hours and we were busy the entire time we were there!!!


Nikki said...

That looks like a blast!!!! I am guessing you were the one taking all of the pics since I didn't see you at all =) Love ya girl!

Nikki said...

Oh....I tagged you to continue another thing that X-Box wife looped me into. See my blog under "7 Randoms" Tag, you're it!