April 5, 2008

~The Weekend Plans~

Well, so far we have had a good weekend- we went to Logan's b-ball game last night (all of us: Joy, Matt, Cole, Taylor, Katie, Emily, Bailey & Alex) and made it through the thunder, lightening, wind and tornado warning. We all ended up at Anita's house until 10:00 last night - yes, I am chicken when it comes to anything related to tornados.

So, today, Matt & I are cleaning and laughing at Taylor continuosly change her clothes and her shoes. Right now, she is down to her diaper and flip flops:)

Our anniversary is tomorrow - 6 years!!!! So, we are going to go to Outback to eat!!! Wahoooo! And, for all of you who are wondering, yes, I will be ordering the cheese fries!!!!! I know, I know....I should just wipe them straight on my butt and hips because that's exactly where they will go, but I don't care! They are wonderful and I will suffer through it and will proudly take the big butt if I have to!!!!! Needless to say - Outback is my favorite!!!!

Have a great weekend and for those of you out of school - have a great SPRING BREAK! (Oh man, I just had a flash back of spring break at the beach when I was in high school!! UH OH!!! I think Nikki and I would be able to sit and share some great stories with you all!!!!)

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Nikki said...

Girl, too many stories to even tell!!! Aw, the memories of dear ole' Fort Mill High =) Love ya girl!! Isn't this blogging stuff more addicting than Myspace ever was!