April 21, 2008

Happy Monday!

Well, this is what my Monday was composed of~ Taylor continuously taking off her clothes. I was beginning to get EXTREMELY frustrated when she came out of her bedroom with her red, glitter "wizard of oz" shoes. It was too good for me not to capture the moment!!

Matt took Cole & Taylor to Wal-Mart tonight and they both came home with something new. Taylor got a new Dora DVD (thank goodness ~ I've only watched the other one 172 times today!!!) and Cole got this cool Hot Wheels Race Track. This is Cole & Matt putting it together and racing their cars. They had a great time!!!

Not much else to tell for now......OH~~ except for the fact that Matt gave Roxie a haircut this weekend without my permission. For those of you who don't know who Roxie is....she is my 4 pound girly girl Shit-Tzu and Boozer's (our 5 year old Boston Terrier) best friend. Well, needless to say~ my fluffy little furball is hmmm....well, she looks like a mutt!!!! She has all kinds of scissor marks all over her. I wanted to be mad, but what could I do. So, I just hugged her and told her that every girl will have a bad hair day in their lifetime and that I sure hope her hair grows fast!!!! Men~~ I can't believe he took away her girliness!!! I will post a picture of her tomorrow. I'm still not sure that I can embarrass her too much by taking her picture~ it may make her self-conscious!!!! Hehehehehe!!!!

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